Support This Project


  • unzip files to a directory of your choice
  • create a link in "AutoStart"
  • start GMPS and do the setup


  • copy new version to existing directory (make a backup of the old installation before
  • If this doesn't work for any reason, please try to do a clean installation before contacting me

Remarks (Please have a look at the documentation to get detailed information)

  • if you have any problems using GMPS with the suspend modes, then delete the "_" in the name of the files TaskSchedulerCreate_.bat and TaskSchedulerDelete_.bat. GMPS will then call these scripts instead of using the internal TaskScheduler logic. In the file "Create" you will find a list of parameters which are forwarded to the script by GMPS. Thus you can optimize the handling of the Windows TaskScheduler like you want it to be.
  • tested with Windows XP SP2 / Vista SP1 / Windows 7
  • please check if the timer of your iMON works. The date/time format in Frontview has to be like this: "DD/MM/YYYY DAY"
  • the next StartUp time will ignored, if the system is running "Timedifference between 2 recordings" minutes (Parameter) before, because otherwise iMON would switch off the system (iMON doesn't know if the system ison or not; so it pushs the power button at the StartUp time which will cause the system to ShutDown
  • The RSSFeed for iMON can be found in the directory "RSSFeed", File GMPSRSSFeed.XML or you can use the WebServer function (which I would suggest, because iMON is getting into trouble if the file is not available)
  • Following command line parameters are available (this is just working if one GMPS instance is already running)
  • /shutdown on
  • /shutdown off
  • /shutdown toggle
  • /shutdown now (will rundown TVServer, etc. if selected)
  • /shutdown ifpossible(if no recording is running. If this is called again during the PopUp appears, the a ShutDown will be made even if a recording is in progress)
  • /idletimer on
  • /idletimer off
  • /increasesleeptimer
  • /remote ServerIpAddress (you can control GMPS from a second system with some restrictions)